Couple married for 75 years die less than a day apart

WHP - A couple married 75 years die less than a day apart (11-3-15) Courtesy: Virginia Wallace.

It's a love story you usually hear about in the movies.

The couple in York County was married for 75 years. "He would always tell her how pretty she looked, and she always said the same to him, how handsome he was," said Virginia Wallace of her parents Al and Dottie Fairhurst.

They were an inspiration of love and marriage. "It's easy to talk about it. It's hard to talk about it. But it's worth talking about," said Wallace.

Last week, Virginia's mother called her. "She said I think you need to come home and I said okay, and I sort of knew something was up," said Wallace. Virginia's father, Al, had died in his sleep. He was 98. Virginia and her mother spent the next day planning his funeral. "And then she said a few other things to all of us and now looking back, I just feel like it was her last words," said Wallace.

"Claire came over here and said 'Mom, Dad, I think Grandmom is gone too,'" said Wallace.

Al served in World War II. Dottie started a children art and cultural center. In their retirement, the couple moved in with Wallace, her husband Patrick and their kids. Virginia has never publicly shared her parents' love story - a marriage as long as a lifetime.

Virginia admits it's hard losing both parents at once. But she knows they're together. "It's affirmation that love can work if you're devoted to each other," said Wallace. That's why Virginia felt it was now finally time to share their love story. "The story's finished, and the ending is just an amazing ending," said Wallace. Al and Dottie Fairhurst were buried together Monday at Mount Rose Cemetery in York.

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