HOA issues fine for what it claimed was a penis-shaped outline in snow

    <p>A woman said she was asked to pay a fine because her car left an obscene imprint in the snow. (Photo: Reddit user ReservoirKat){/p}

    (KUTV) — KUTV isn't new to Home Owners' Associations controversies, like the rule against flying the American flag except on holidays, or the homeowners in Grantsville that didn't know they lived in an HOA, but a woman in Tennessee may have the best absurd HOA story of them all.

    She posted on a Reddit community dedicated to people angry about HOAs — called F%#& HOA — that she was asked to pay a $100 fine after her car left the shape of a supposed penis on on the pavement after a snowstorm.

    "Your car, specifically the Honda, left this offensive image on the ground," she was told in a letter. The snow shape apparently violated a rule against "displaying offensive images or slogans."

    The board claimed to have photographic evidence of the "obscene" pattern.

    "I died laughing y'all. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of being fined for, and we flat out told them we weren't paying," the registered user called ReservoirKat wrote.

    "Finally after a few back and forth emails, they simply send us a picture 'describing the problem,' " she wrote.

    "The imprint our car left in this pitiful ass snow was the shape of a ^&$%," ReservoirKat wrote. "And somehow that's our fault."

    She said it started from "a pitiful little snow that was barely really a frost." She said she and her husband were confused at first because they HOA was vague, stating at first the issue was about snow and the couple's cars. Eventually it sent the photo along.

    She gave permission to KUTV to use the photo she posted on Imgur.com with license plates of other cars blurred but she requested not to have her personal identification used.

    "Eventually, they realized we were serious about not paying, and since there were no by-laws on the books about something like this, they dropped it," she wrote.

    While the incident, photo and accusation seem ridiculous, there may be a darker side to it as well.

    "Just be aware that we’ve been in conflict with our HOA before over disability discrimination so this was likely targeted," ReservoirKat told KUTV.

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