Life-size elf decoration turns heads, even loses his own

Life-size Elf on the Shelf turns heads in Rockport, Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Maspeapodsquadmom / Flickr / CC BY 2.0 / MGN)

ROCKPORT, Mass. (AP) — A life-size elf mannequin on display in a Massachusetts yard has been turning heads — and occasionally losing his own.

Actress Melissa McMeekin has been having a little fun by moving her 6-foot-tall elf doll to different locations outside her Rockport home.

During the countdown to Christmas, Daryl the red-suited elf has appeared seated on a tree branch, riding a bicycle, lying on a hammock and tied up like a hostage.

McMeekin tells the Gloucester Times her family has been getting a kick out of the double takes the moveable elf has elicited from passers-by. She says on one blustery day Daryl fell off his bike and his head landed a few feet away.

McMeekin's acting credits include "The Fighter," ''American Hustle" and other films.

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