New study released on effects of caffeine and working out

    New study released on effects of caffeine and working out (WKRC)

    CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A new study has been published taking a look at caffeine and workouts. It claims whether or not you get a boost after you drink it may depend on your genes.

    The study was published in Medicine and Science Sports and Exercise. As part of the study, researchers looked at more than 100 male athletes with an average age of 25.

    They took saliva samples and from those samples, they were able to tell whether these athletes were fast, moderate or slow caffeine metabolizers. Researchers then tested their fitness performance after caffeine intake. They were all given the equivalent of about either two cups of coffee, one cup of coffee or a placebo.

    Overall, only the higher doses improved performance compared to the placebo, but in the fast metabolizers, it improved significantly more.

    In the slow metabolizers, it actually impaired performance. This may explain why it appears to help some with workouts and not others.

    This study had people who were fit. More studies are needed to know if it's also true in all of us.

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