New York woman finds her missing wedding rings in 6 tons of garbage

New York woman finds her missing wedding rings in 6 tons of garbage. (Photo: CBS 2 New York)

(KUTV) Most people would give up if the dump truck took their garbage away to the landfill, but not one New York woman – she was determined to find her wedding rings.

It took four hours of searching through six tons of discarded trash, but Colleen Dyckman was reunited with her engagement ring and wedding band, thanks to some very helpful sanitation workers who went on the ultimate treasure hunt for her.

Dyckman panicked when she realized she accidentally swept her rings into the garbage after taking them off while cooking on Sunday evening.

“I knew in an instant I threw them out, because I knew I had cleaned the night before,” Dyckman told CBS New York.

As soon as the Long Island woman realized what had happened she followed her garbage truck to the town dump in Babylon. She broke down in tears as she begged the workers to stop before her trash and rings would be burned.

“She was visibly upset, she was ripping through garbage, disgusting stuff,” Jeremy Aretakis, of the Town of Babylon Recycling Center told CBS New York.

Her pleas were heard and eight employees joined Dyckman and her husband as they searched through a mountain of trash from strangers.

The rings cost about $5,000 in value, but were just as priceless as when they were placed on her finger almost 20 years ago.

Her tenacious and stubborn determination to find the rings kept all the other civil servants working.

“She didn’t stop, so none of us stopped,” Aretakis said.

Ironically enough, it was Dyckman who wanted to stop searching, but said she didn’t because the crew never stopped searching.

“It’s like my faith in humanity is restored.”

After four hours of searching they found Dyckman’s trash bags – but no rings.

One town employee decided to double check and reach her hand in a bag and found the diamond ring between soggy cereal and slimy meat.

“I was saying to myself, ‘I hope I find this ring,’ so I’m happy I found it, I really am,” said Kim Weathers, the employee who discovered the rings told CBS New York.

Aretakis said the reunion of ring with owner was like one out of a movie.

Dyckman couldn’t thank the crew enough. As a reward she gave them all boxes of pizza brownies, according to CBS New York.

Apparently this isn't the first tale of two rings lost at a dump in New York this year. In April, a woman in Staten Island accidentally dumped her wedding and engagement ring into the trash while also cooking like Dyckman. The woman found the rings, after 45 minutes of searching, in seven tons of garbage with the help of about four people. See pictures from the ordeal.

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