Snowboarding baby is a natural on the slopes

Cash Rowley and her family of Boise, Idaho, recently went snowboarding at Bogus Basin two days before the baby turned 1 years old. (Photo: KBOI / Nick Rowley)

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — It's fair to say she's a natural.

Boise youngster Cash Rowley and her family recently went snowboarding up at Bogus Basin Ski Resort two days before she turned 1 years old.

And the little one made it seem easy.

"We bought the snowboard last year and our goal was to get her snowboarding for her first birthday," her father, Nick told KBOI 2News.

To practice and get her ready for the ski season, the family helped her practice by dragging her around on her snowboard in the family living room. And, Cash is always playing with the board around the house, her father says. After Bogus Basin opened up its bunny hill for the season the family made it up the hill.

Two days before her first birthday, Cash got strapped in and made it look like child's play (pun intended).

"You could say it was the best proud dad moment I’ve had," Nick said.

What's next for Cash? The Rowley family will be taking a trip to South America early next year and surfing could be in her future, her dad says.

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