'This store is politically incorrect': Bakery owner overwhelmed by response to sign

'This store is politically incorrect': Bakery owner overwhelmed by response to sign

The phone at Schuler's, has been ringing nonstop and even more customers have been flocking to the longtime Springfield, Ohio bakery.

"My dad's family is from Indiana and we go there every year for Thanksgiving, and after the sign was shared on Facebook they saw that and said 'why not get Schuler's for Thanksgiving this year?,'" said Sydnee Gilliam.

Schuler's bakery owner Trent Schuler can't believe all the attention his sign has received.

"I had no idea it was going to turn out like this. I think it's great, though, the overwhelming amount of support that people have given to just expressing your opinion," Schuler said.

His opinion is clearly on display as you enter the bakery.

The blue and white sign states "this store is politically incorrect," and says, "We say Merry Christmas, God Bless America and we salute our flag."

Since he put it up, he says he had requests for interviews and calls from all over the country and even internationally.

"We have gotten calls from Hawaii. Some veterans that want to support us. We've gotten calls from Cuba today. We have gotten calls from every state in the United States," he said.

"My son loves Schuler's doughnuts and they live in Augusta, Georgia, now," said Alvin Cobb of Springfield.

Customers, such as Alvin Cobb, are applauding the small business owner.

"It's good that he voices his opinion and I support it all the way," Cobb said.

He's making a Thanksgiving trip but stopped here first for the sweet treats and to support Schuler and his sign.

So did Kenny Adams. He stopped by after a busy day of repairing furnaces.

"I love the sign. I am glad they had the guts to show something like that, be American and show it. As a businessman you are always afraid to step on someone's toes, say the wrong thing. When I saw it I said that the thing you should do, I should put one on my truck," Adams said.

Others made the trip, too, driving four hours to show their support.

"We been fans since the '50s. We now live in the Portsmouth area and every time we come to Springfield this is my last stop out of town to get goodies," said Sharon Bell.

"Many of us feel we are being told what we are suppose to think or what we are suppose to say," Trent Schuler said, explaining his rationale for the sign.

FOX 45, 2News' affiliate in Dayton, Ohio, say they received a number of negative comments about Schuler's sign on our Facebook page, many saying Schuler's should stick with selling doughnuts and keep the politics to themselves.

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