VIDEO: UPS driver caught dancing on doorbell camera

    UPS driver caught dancing on doorbell camera (Screengrab from video: Bethany Auth)

    A UPS driver decided to have a little fun with a doorbell camera while delivering packages to a small town in Indiana.

    Bethany Auth caught her UPS driver cutting a rug after delivering some packages to her porch in Russiaville, Indiana, a town with 1,094 people.

    "Your UPS driver likely doesn’t have anything on mine. Hoosier movie star and all," Auth stated on Facebook.

    In the video, you can see the UPS man turning his hat sideways before getting his swerve on.

    "We laughed so much when watching it," Auth told 2News. "My husband and I were out finishing Christmas shopping. My phone alerted me someone was at our door. I opened the notification to him dancing. I knew I had to share it. Brought a smile to our face during a stressful time of year. You can tell he loves his job and has fun doing it."

    As of this posting, the video has more than 20,000 views on Facebook.

    No word if the UPS man is teaching anyone to Dougie.

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