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Discover Kodachrome Basin State Park

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Kodachrome Basin State Park

GARFIELD COUNTY – Welcome to Garfield County, Utah’s gateway to adventure and home to some of the most beautiful terrain on the planet. With its access to the gorgeous Bryce Canyon National Park, multiple state parks, and plenty of hiking, biking, and OHV trails, this a place you won’t want to leave.

Kodachrome Basin State Park

Journey to the southern end of Garfield County and you will find one of the most stunning landscapes in the state. With its red rock formations, incredible rock formations, and monolithic chimneys, Kodachrome Basin is a favorite for adventure seekers and photographers.

Hikes by themselves are an amazing activity, but the phenomenal views found on Kodachrome Basin’s trails add a reward sure to put an extra spring in your step.

Panorama Trail, for example, allows access to Big Bear Spire, Cool Cave, and Secret Passage, so remember to bring your camera. This moderate trail is 6-miles-long and winds its way through the western end of the park and is perfect for novice and experienced hikers, equestrians and bicycle riders.

Another favorite is the Shakespeare Arch Sentinel Trail. The Shakespeare Arch is the only large natural arch found in the park, and the view along the trail allows hikers to peak into the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and even to Bryce Canyon. The hike is a short 1.7 miles, and is rated easy up until the arch and moderate to strenuous thereafter. No bikes or horses on this trail please.

Looking to stay a while? No problem! Kodachrome Basin sports 31 campsites. Some sites close during winter months, while other full-hook up sites are open all year-round.

Welcome to Bryce Canyon Country

If you’ve ever looked into Garfield County, you’ve heard of the Bryce Canyon. This is why the county prides itself on being the gateway to the National Park and has taken on the name “Bryce Canyon Country.” After a glance at everything the park has to offer, we can see why.

Open all year for camping and tours, the 20-mile park is made up of a series of large amphitheaters with thousands of multi-colored hoodoos throughout. While many visitors choose to view the park by driving to various look-outs and viewpoints, others make the decision to experience the park in more traditional ways such as by foot and horseback. These scenic adventures provide some of the best experiences in Bryce Canyon Country and are sure to help you build memories that will last forever.

Slot Canyon Hikes

Often times, the beauty of the land can awaken a hunger for more adventure. Don’t worry; there are plenty of places to explore to keep you satisfied. Visit the Coyote Gulch Slot Canyon for even more stunning scenery.

This canyon winds through the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and requires a bit more stamina to conquer. The trip is about 11.5 miles roundtrip, but provides a great reward along the way. Seeing a pattern here?

Following the trail will take you to highlights that include Stevens Arch, Jacob Hamblin Arch, the Coyote Natural Bridge and Crack-in-the-Rock. Make sure your batteries are charged after the last two locations, because you’ll want your camera for this.

The canyon is located 30 miles southeast of Escalante and begins at the Water Tanks of Fortymile Ridge. The trail is wide and sandyat first, but clears up as you go. Remember to wear good hiking shoes, carry plenty of water and other supplies, and always let someone know where you are going.

ATV & OHV Trails

Don’t forget your toys when you journey into Bryce Canyon Country. There are many miles of trails through the area. Spanning through the Dixie National Forest and the Grand Staircase, these high country trails offer incredible views. Be sure to carry your camera, especially in autumn; the leaves changing is a sight you won’t want to forget.

These rides include trails such as the Bull Rush Loop, Yankee Meadows Ride, and the Castco Canyon and Limekiln Loop. Ranging from full-day excursions to 5 hour rides, you’re options are sure to please anyone from the novice to experienced riders.

Escalante Art Festival Everett Ruess Days

Feeling the urge to mingle with some locals? The Escalante Canyons Art Festival/Everett Ruess Days is the place for that. The 2016 festival begins on September 16 and runs until September 25. This festival features premiere art exhibits, painting competitions, arts and crafts sales, speakers, live music and much more.

The festival came about after local business owners, citizens, and artists came together to celebrate the life and work of Everett Ruess, a local poet and artist who inspired many and who disappeared while traveling through the remote areas of Utah in 1934. The festival seeks to become a welcome party of sorts to introduce people to a land of stunning landscapes and rich history.

To learn more, visit the festival’s website at: