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Perk Up With These 5 Fantastic Coffee Choices

Perk up with these 5 fantastic coffee choices

The standard cup of joe has certainly gotten an upgrade over the past few decades. What began as a choice between a latte or cappuccino at a few select coffee shops has morphed into orders like “double tall-no whip-half caff-extra hot-two pump-white chocolate mocha” being heard on every neighborhood corner.

We love the variety of both coffee drinks and coffee shops available these days. But with all that variety come some very important questions: Who has the best coffee? And which drink should I get there?

Let us help narrow your decision with these five fantastic coffee choices (in no particular order).

1.Blue Copper Coffee Room

A minimalistic interior puts the focus on what they do best: brew coffee. Blue Copper roasts their own beans and also introduces guest roasters on a regular basis.

Drink to try: Anything brewed by the Alpha Dominche Steampunk machine. This contraption combines the techniques of pour over, French press and siphon to make one glorious cup of whichever roast you prefer.

2.Caffe d'Bolla

Run by a husband and wife team, Caffe d'Bolla is modern with a touch of Japanese influence. Known for their bubble teas and siphon bar, there’s a drink here for every palate. The owners choose and roast their own beans, so you’ll find it hard to drink the same coffee twice.

Drink to try: Give yourself a half hour and take a seat at the siphon bar. It’s suggested to enjoy the coffee black and take time to enjoy the full experience.


Because more often than not, you’re getting your coffee to go, and Maverik is pushing the limits of convenience-store coffee. The store’s exclusive Bodacious Bean line includes five different gourmet coffee blends, from light to dark roast, iced lattes and a wide variety of cappuccino and hot chocolate. Keep an eye out for exciting new flavors, like the Colombian Sunset blend, York Peppermint hot chocolate and Bananas Foster cappuccino. Maverik also maintains a variety of mix-ins, like the new white chocolate macadamia creamer, so customers can make their Bodacious Bean coffee exactly how they like it. If you’re in downtown Salt Lake City, Maverik’s Base Camp location at 200 South and State Street features a full espresso bar, including chai tea and nitro-tap. And there’s an incredible limited-time deal at that location to celebrate the opening: All sizes of all barista drinks are only $2.50. And of course, Maverik has all the other goodies and food they’re famous for.

Drink to try: Get something that’ll put you in a good mood during your drive. If you want a rich, caramelized flavor, get a cup of Colombian Sunset. For a sweet treat, go for the Bananas Foster cappuccino.

4.Jack Mormon Coffee

This is where you go if you think coffee is best served cold. They have a cold brew on nitro tap, which one patron called “Literally the best beverage I’ve ever had.” You can also buy beans by the pound, which are micro roasted fresh and dropped warm in to your bag. Don’t show up hungry, as they only serve coffee.

Drink to try: The cold brew on nitro, of course! Be warned, it’s not a coffee drink for the faint of heart – very dark and strong, with a thick head of foam (some compare it to a Guiness beer).

5.Alchemy Coffee

If your coffee is only enjoyed with a baked good by its side, Alchemy coffee is your go-to. Meals, pastries (vegan options!) and a variety of drinks that can best be described as “fun.” Come for breakfast, lunch or anytime you need a caffeine fix.

Drink to try: The Nina Simone, with house-made chocolate, espresso and cinnamon. It’s comfort in a cup.